Below are some examples of our surveys with a brief description of why the work was undertaken.

Electric Company's
- Location of all services within a 30m band covering approximately 6 miles for the purpose of installing new electric cables from an onshore substation to an offshore wind-farm in North Wales.
- Location & mapping of substation sites (part/full) to accurately position services & update records prior to site development.

Local Authority's
- Full survey of School sites to map positions of underground services prior to redevelopment / new build.
- Location & mapping surveys for bridge repairs, infrastructure & development.

- Full utility location & mapping surveys of existing sites (including industrial) prior to demolition & re-build work.
- Full survey of highway for new housing developments to show exact position & depth of service for connection purpose.

University / Hospital
- Crucial location & mapping surveys of existing underground services prior to demolition & re-build work being undertaken.

- Service avoidance scans to detect underground services prior to intrusive ground investigation work.

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